If so, I’d like to help. Choosing someone to trust with your dental health is a big deal, and it can be particularly important if you have any special concerns, or have been disappointed by previous dental work.
  • Are you tired of being embarrassed by your smile?
  • Is your health suffering due to an inability to eat like a normal person?
  • Do you have missing or failing teeth that need to be replaced?
  • Does tooth or jaw pain keep you awake at night?
  • Did your last dental experience fall short of your expectations?
  • Do you wish someone would introduce you to a master dentist whom you could trust to restore your dental health the way you want it – so your teeth will look great, feel wonderful, and actually last!?
If this describes you, you have my sympathy. Poor dental health can literally destroy your life. And finding a qualified dentist is most often a hit-and-miss proposition. You see, by far the vast majority of dental work performed in this country is paid for, at least in part, by the dental insurance industry. And in an effort to maximize their profits, they have invented the term “usual-and-customary”. And anything they decide is not “usual-and-customary” does not get paid for, does not get done. And what kind of work do you think traditional dental school prepares a dentist to do? You guessed it, “usual-and-customary”.
So the first thing you have to decide is what kind of dental care you want for yourself – GREAT, or “usual-and-customary”. As you will soon see, the last one is easy to find, but great, that’s a whole different story.

So how do you find a great dentist?

By far and away the best way is to be referred by someone you trust; way better than any advertisement could ever be. But who are you going to ask? All your friends really know is whether the dentist was nice and if his shots hurt! And it doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to know that there is much more to long lasting quality dental care than that!

According to the late great dentist Dr. L. D. Pankey, for whom the world famous Pankey Institute is named, there are four general categories of dentists.

  1. Indifferent – He felt this represented about 54% of the dentists who never even desire to learn more than “usual-and-customary”.
  2. Students – These dentists realize the need to improve and continue their learning. About 36% of dentists fall into this category.
  3. Adept Masters – However, the ability to go beyond learning and actually be able to skillfully perform what you learn is unfortunately rare. Dr. Pankey said that only 8% of dentists ever get to that level! These are the ones that are able to consistently deliver true dental masterpieces that look exquisite, feel wonderful, will last like they are supposed to.
  4. Eminent Masters – And finally, only 2% of dentists ever get to the point that they can not only do great work, becoming true artists, but are also able to teach others how to do it as well.

Hi, I’m Dr. Lon Peckham, and I want to make it easy for you to find a master dentist who can help you achieve the level of dental beauty and health you deserve. Unfortunately, without a dental degree and the advanced education of a master, it is virtually impossible for a regular person such as yourself to really know whether their dentist is a master or not.

Now maybe you don’t care, and that’s alright. But the fact that you have taken the time to read this far tells me that you do care. You are not a “usual-and-customary” person and you don’t want “usual-and-customary” dental work. You want –

  • A great natural looking smile, not one of those fake ones you can see coming from a mile away
  • Teeth that make you look ten years younger, not ten years older
  • Comfortable teeth that don’t hurt or pinch when you chew
  • A bite that feels normal without clacking when you speak
  • To be able to eat things like steak or apples without worrying about your teeth
  • Pain free jaw joints that don’t pop or click
  • Strong teeth that will last long enough to be worth the investment
  • Healthy gums that won’t cause heart or kidney disease

And only a master dentist can do all that predictably.

Now here’s how I can help, and it won’t cost you a thing. Because I host master level dental training seminars, I personally know master dentists from across the country; dentists whose work I have personally seen, who have proven to me that they are adept masters. These dentists are the dentists’ dentists, the ones dentists go to. But because they are often not the ones with the biggest ads or the fanciest offices, they can sometimes be hard to find. But if you really are interested, I would be happy to tell you who is the master I know that is closest to you.